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Welcome to Grove City Western Squares!

Grove City Western Squares is not just about dancing, its about having fun! Our club members are warm friendly folks who love to have a good time and make our guests feel welcome at our monthly dances.


Our dances and classes are held in the E.L. Evans Senior Center, 4330 Dudley Avenue, Grove City, Ohio.




IMPORTANT SCHEDULE UPDATE. Our June 14th dance has been cancelled due to Caller, Nathaniel Arnett's Army duties in California at this time. We are going to take advantage of this change and go to Westerville Promenaders for a Banner activity. Please check our schedule for upcoming dances.


All of our dances are Hi-Lo thru April.

Our club has early Rounds or Advanced Dancing and sometimes both before our regular dance of the evening. Check the 2013-2014 Schedule. 

We invite you to join the World of Square Dancing. 

The Club's Basic Square Dance Lessons will start September 8, 2014, 7:30-9:30. The lessons are open to all; kids, teenagers, singles, couples, and young at heart Seniors. The lessons are held at the E.L. Evans Senior Center, 4330 Dudley Avenue, Grove City, Ohio. The cost is $20.00 a person for residents of Grove City and $22.00 for nonresidents for each 10 week session. The first set of lessons is Basic, the second set Mainstream and the third set Plus. The first two sets are necessary before one can begin dancing at area dances. Our class instructor is Bob Daye. Traditional Square Dance attire isn't necessary at class or area dances.

The first two lessons are free! Feel free to come see us on one of our dance nights to see what it's all about!