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This article appears in the October issue of Central Ohio's CUES & TIPS magazine.

Finally, I have decided to complete a remodeling of my house. I started in 2013 when I redid two rooms to bring my laundry room up to the first floor. But now I am working on new granite countertops, new flooring throughout, painting four rooms – and then I decided to clean the chimney – and more. It has been exhausting, and I know more about granite than I ever wanted to know. And then it hit me – I am choosing to redo flooring and walls, to give to charity some unwanted dishes and knick-knacks, and to replace several things around the house. Now the key word is “choosing,” and I am humbled by that word when I think about the people in Texas and Florida and other states who have lost everything to the horrific devastation from the hurricanes. Now is the time for Americans to show their generosity and support for the long haul since no one knows how long the restoration will take. Now, if the country had the heart of generous square dancers who support their members, things could go even faster. That said, I am still looking at the blessing that I have in tiring myself out with a remodel as I am praying for the people so negatively impacted by the wind and rain. My point? Count your blessings when you consider what other people have to face, and find a way to help.


September was a rather interesting month for us. We took one of our dance nights to have a club picnic at our new President’s house, Mary and Steve Furniss. At the business meeting that day, our other new officers – Vice-President Cindy Gilfillen, Treasurer Jim and Debbie Meyer, and Secretary Barb Lovingshimer – took office. The weather was perfect as it has been for so many days in September, and we had a great time to fellowship as well as planning for the new dance year and the new classes.  We finished out September with our Tailgate Sub Night Dance on the 23rd.


Looking forward, we have two dances in October. On the 14th we will dance to caller Pam Courts and cuer Phyllis Burdette and on the 28th we have caller Travis Cook and cuer Chuck Berry. This last one will be our Halloween Dance. Come in costumes if you like or square dance clothing or western – but come for a “boo”-ti-ful time. In November, we have two dances. On the 11th our Veteran’s Day Dance will be called by Gary Kincade with cuer Phyllis Burdette. On the 25th we will have our 15th Anniversary Dance with Jack Pladdys calling and Chuck Berry cueing. This dance is poignant for those of us who are charter members as our founder, Eldon Lovingshimer, wished for the success of this club before his death in 2003. It has been an honor to carry on his and our dream with the inception of this group 15 years ago. And thank you to all those who worked so hard to build and maintain this club. Thanks also to all of you who have helped in that support by coming to our dances.


And it is certainly not too early to think of our WINTER dances [somehow the word “winter” is hard to imagine]. In December we have our Hi-Lo Christmas dance with Bob Daye and Mark Johnson. This is a great dance to bring your students to as Bob is a good caller for working with students. For more information about all our dances this square dance year, see our website: www.grovecitywesternsquares.com. We welcome all banner activities, and we look forward to visiting your clubs.


Our lessons started on September 11th with our first two lessons being free. We had a wonderful turn-out for the first class with fourteen people, and we will see what happens when the dust finally settles. We got our information out with some inquiry on our web-site, several newspaper ads, the Source Magazine endorsement [GC magazine], and car magnets along with the old stand by – the word of mouth. Thanks again to Bob Daye for his hard work at the Evans center every Monday night from 7:30 to 9:30. If you know someone who wants to take lessons and can’t attend your classes, let us help you out [and feel free to come to angel them].


We will be working on our banner activities – so keep an eye out for us.


We hope to see you in a square soon.


Barb Lovingshimer, Club Secretary.