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This article appears in the May issue of Central Ohio's CUES & TIPS magazine.

Okay, I know that this is Ohio and that the weather is very changeable. But in the middle of April, why am I [who hates gardening] cleaning out my flower beds of some aggressive wild onions around my tulips that appear to have come and gone. Isn’t it usually toward the end of May that I think about planting my annuals – and I am not alone in this questioning. What does this early progression mean? A long hot summer? Another change in weather patterns? Or just continued ups and downs? And this makes me wonder, “Am I now at the point that I see that the cup is half empty instead of half full?” This irritates me in others, and so I am feeling down about my answer of half empty. I want to be upbeat, positive, hopeful like this: “Isn’t it wonderful that we are going to have our flowers blooming so long or don’t we have a good chance to really clean those beds?” [Yes, I am digging us these onions – my annoying intruders – bit by bit for I will not be denied their demise.] Now, if you are scratching your heads wondering what this has to do with square dancing, I think there is an important analogy. We need to see our club responsibilities in a more positive light – not as an inconvenience, but as a way to keep the joy of being together in a great activity going. Consider a club office, plan now whom to invite to lessons next year, step forward to chair a committee to keep things running smoothly, attend dances regularly – your own club’s and others in the area. “Weed out” negativity and “plant” fun.


Our graduation activity will be on May 8th. At that time we will welcome Janet Bell, Kim Jakubik, Mark and Becky Landy, and Anita O’Donnell to our club. We love graduation night – a dance, an inspector, some games, and a ceremony – and cake. We try to make that a special time of the right amount of fun and seriousness. Again, we thank Bob Daye for all the hard work that he has done for us. We also thank Grove City Parks and Recreation for their consideration with our lessons and dances.


Thanks to the April callers and cuers. We particularly appreciated Gary Kincaid filling in for Ed Pabst at the last minute. We also thank our other callers Tom Strickland, Jason Raleigh, and Pam Courts; and cuers Mark Johnson, Chuck Berry, and Phyllis Burdette. We hope that people enjoy these theme dances and a chance to dance different levels. These were the last of our Hi-Lo dances as most classes have graduated and will be able to dance the plus moves from now on.


On May 13th, we will host caller Travis Cook and cuer Phyllis Burdette. This is the only dance that we will have in May due to the Memorial Day weekend. Our next dance will be on June 10thand will be a Relay for Life Charity Dance. The callers for this dance will be Pam Courts, Tom Davis, and Jason Raleigh joined by cuer Linda Bishop. This will be our only dance in June due to the National Square Dance Convention in Cincinnati. Hopefully many of you will be attending this tremendous dance opportunity to support all Ohio clubs and callers and cuers.


Looking ahead to the summer, check out our schedule for July and August. We will have callers Mike Sumpter, Tom Davis, Jason Raleigh, Travis Cook, Dan Austen, and Homer Magnet. We also will have cuers Mark Johnson, Chuck Berry, and Phyllis Burdette. We look forward to seeing you at the Evans Center in Grove City for any of these dances. For more information about us, see our website: www.grovecitywesternsquares.com. We welcome all banner activities and will appreciate seeing all the graduated dancers. In April our banner activities included Orbiting Squares and Hi-Timers [at the time of this writing].

Barb Lovingshimer, Club Secretary.