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This article appears in the March issue of Central Ohio's CUES & TIPS magazine.

Hopefully we are nearing the end of the 2019 Winter roller coaster.   With the polar vortex and lots of snow, it seemed as if almost every local dance and class was cancelled for a period of two weeks.  And with the temperature swings of 40 degrees or more every 24 to 48 hours, it’s a wonder there are not more people getting sick.  With all of Mother Nature’s unpredictability, we hope our dancing friends have taken heed and have managed to stay healthy and safe and will be back out as the weather begins to turn milder.

To make up for our lack of dancing in January, we had a great time dancing in February.  We had a very nice Valentine dance with Bob Daye and Chuck Berry. There were many students in attendance that were very comfortable with the ministering of these two patient gentlemen.  We also thank Jason Raleigh and Dave Blaskis for their leading us through our February 23th dance.   For some additional dancing, a group of club members went to Westerville and St. Mary’s for banner activities.  

We want to give a special shout out to the 9 students from our club and 2 visiting students from the Westerville Club who also regularly attend our Monday evening classes.  They are all making great strides in class and have attended several dances. A couple of these students attended the pre-Snowball workshop and six of our students were able to attend the Snowball dance and demonstrated how well they are doing.  We have had great angel support as well as tremendous support from their instructor, Bob Daye. 

March will be a busy month with 3 dances scheduled.  March 9th will be a Student Dance with Tom Strickland calling and Linda Bishop on rounds. On March 23rd, we’ll have Danny Beck calling and Dave Blaskis again being our cuer.  On the fifth Saturday, March 30, we will have a Two Hall Dance with Tom Davis and Travis Cook as our callers and Sue Powell on rounds.  Early rounds and advance square dancing will start at 7:00 P.M.  And be sure to plan on our two April dances.  April 13th we will have Ed Pabst calling and Phyllis Burdette on rounds.  April 27th we will have Kristy Williams calling and Chuck Berry on rounds. We hope to see you at some of these dances. 

We are all looking forward to Spring. In the meantime, stay warm and we’ll see you in a square.

Steve Furniss