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This article appears in the March issue of Central Ohio's CUES & TIPS magazine.

So as I sit in front of my computer screen, I wonder where to begin. I’ve written about the weather – but ours is so erratic this year with a couple of freezing days followed by SPRING [and now the bulbs are confused]. I’ve written about the holiday activities – but what can you say about “card-opportunity” days. I’ve written about square dance memories, etiquette, talents, and responsibilities. And now, what? This is the time of the year that our students have been working up to. And this means that those of us with experience get a chance to be encouragers, showing patience and support no matter what. We have so many times to encourage people – our friends who are ill or hurting over life, the needy and those suffering from the lack of opportunity, and those who are put in our path who just need a friendly smile and small word of greeting. And there is my topic, the chance that square dance gives us to make new friends for whom we can make a difference. Whew!


It’s hard to believe that our students are now into the plus portion of their lessons. And, boy, are they having fun at our lessons. This is the time of year when those who are angeling the first time get to see the real fruits of their labors – as they mentor during lessons and encourage at dances. We invite anyone to our classes – to angel or to brush up. We have our lessons on Mondays at 7:30 at the Evans Center in Grove City. Bob Daye has continued to make our lessons productive as well as fun. We appreciate not only our teacher but also the City of Grove City and the Evans Center for our dance hall opportunity.


In February, our dances on the 11th and 25th with caller Jimmy Robison, Bob Daye, Mark Johnson, and Chuck Berry were great fun thanks to those callers, cuers, and all the dancers who came out. On March 11th, we are having our St. Patrick’s Dance with caller Dick Mackey and cuer Chuck Berry. Then on the 25th, we host caller Jack Pladdys and cuer Phyllis Burdette. Both these dances have winning, talented teams of caller and cuer. Please mark your calendars for our April dances. On the 8th, we have Ed Pabst and Mark Johnson; on the 22nd, we have Tom Strickland and Chuck Berry; and on the 29th we have our 50’s dance featuring two dance halls with Jason Raleigh, Pam Courts, and Phyllis Burdette. [Be sure to check our schedule as this dance will have pre-rounds at 7:00-7:30, advanced dancing from 7:00-9:00, and our regular plus and rounds from 7:30-10:30.] We look forward to seeing you at the Evans Center in Grove City. For more information on any of these dances, see our website: www.grovecitywesternsquares.com. We thank Pat Jones and Erma Wolf on all their hard work planning the talent at these dances. [Tom Seymour is now arranging the cuers as Pat Jones continues to arrange the callers.] We need to thank all those who work on creating a club dance schedule as this is a monumental task. We appreciate the effort.


The Sno-ball is over, and now we need to take our students to many dances so they can gain the experience of dancing to other callers. Remember to attend the annual Honoree dance on March 12th to support your club honorees. We were pleased to honor our honoree couple Steve and Mary Furniss at our Valentine’s Dance. Steve and Mary are such valuable members doing many of those jobs that others hesitate to step into – such as arranging for our supplies, taking care of the clean-up, and overseeing our class. Thanks to them.


We look forward to seeing you at our dances – and remember that all banner activities are welcomed and that all our dances are Hi-Lo until the students graduate. Then keep being helpful as they are gaining more experience. We hope to continue to visit as many clubs as possible.


Barb Lovingshimer, Club Secretary.