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This article appears in the February issue of Central Ohio's CUES & TIPS magazine.

Sometimes, I can’t help but remember what it was like to be married to a caller – and Eldon Lovingshimer was a dedicated, talented caller. But that talent didn’t develop over night or on its own. It was nothing to go out to dinner and have a whole square dance performed by salt and pepper shakers and sugar packets – and strangely, our friends seem to enjoy the performance. After two three to five day callers’ schools, I let him go to the third one alone since I didn’t enjoy module calling or sight calling or choreographing or resolution to a left allemande position. But I did enjoy the talents of those instructors – particularly father and son team, Lee and Steve Kopman, both national advocates for the square dance activity – and Lee who has written many of the square dance moves we so enjoy. So, when I go to a dance and enjoy the caller who makes moving around the floor in an interesting pattern, I think of those days and the appreciation that I have for those dedicated callers and cuers who put their hearts into keeping our square dance and round dance community going. I guess what I am saying is to thank those callers and cuers and their spouses for the joy they bring into our dance time.


We saw 2016 out in style with our New Years’ Eve dinner and dance called by Tom Strickland and Dave Stuthard and cued by Chuck Berry. What a way to ring in the New Year with a group of friends. Thanks to all those who attended – and be aware that in 2017 our last dance will be a pre-New Year’s Eve event with a special dance with callers Mark Patterson and Wes Dyer. [Never too early to plan.]


Our students have moved into the Mainstream classes and are now working their way into the plus classes. These will start toward the end of February and provide even experienced dancers practice these more advanced moves – and we invite anyone to our classes – to angel or to brush up. We have our lessons on Mondays at 7:30 at the Evans Center in Grove City. Bob Daye has continued to make our lessons productive as well as fun. We appreciate our teacher and our dance hall.


Our Chili Dance on January 14th with caller Jason Raleigh and cuer Phyllis Burdette turned into a “chili cook off” and was quite successful with seven different kinds of chili. That was our only dance in January due to limited availability of our dance hall – but how successful it was due to all those who attended. In February we return to two dances. On the 11th, we have our Valentines Dance with caller Jimmy Robison and cuer Mark Johnson. What better way to treat your valentine than dancing the night away. This dance will be followed on the 25th with caller Bob Daye and cuer Chuck Berry. Then on March 11th, we are having our St. Patrick’s Dance with caller Dick Mackey and cuer Churck Berry. We wind up March with a dance on the 25th with caller Jack Pladdys and cuer Phyllis Burdette. Please mark your calendars for all these wonderful dances. [And remember that we have three dances in April – and the month ends with a 50’s dance featuring two dance halls.] We look forward to seeing you at the Evans Center in Grove City. For more information on any of these dances, see our website:www.grovecitywesternsquares.com 


Remember to take your students to the Snowball on February 12th. Also, remember to attend the annual Honoree dance on March 12th to honor your club honorees. We are pleased to announce our honoree couple Steve and Mary Furniss who have been such valuable members of our club.


We look forward to seeing you at our dances – and remember that all banner activities are welcomed – and your dances when we bring a banner activity to you.


Barb Lovingshimer, Club Secretary.