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This article appears in the April issue of Central Ohio's CUES & TIPS magazine.

As many of you know, I taught school for thirty-five years and then subbed for seven more. And I could tell you about crazy things that happened during that time. But I prefer to tell you about the quiet times – particularly a letter a student gave me when I retired. Her comments of thanks were special, but none more so than the fact that she referred to herself as the quiet girl who sat in the back and said little. Yet she said the impact that I had had on her helped her finish school – and to remember those quiet ones like her. Believe it or not, I was a quieter teacher, too. And this got me to thinking about our square dance students and relatively new dancers. Sometimes when I have had the opportunity to go to classes or to dance with some new dancers, I remember two things: I once walked in their shoes and I learned from the “quiet” dancers – the ones who directed me by gently holding my hand longer, directing my way, or who pointed in the direction I should go. Not a word was spoken, but I got the message. This is what I try to do with the unsure dancer – not pushing or tugging, but gently leading. In fact, I think I could get a job waving in planes at the airport or directing traffic like the police wave cars on. My point in all of this? Remember the new dancers and lead them well – for we all had those frustrating moves and think about the time a patient “good dancer” help us through. And by the way, when I went to school, I was the quiet one in the back who soaked it all in!


Next month, we graduate our students, and boy have they been great. We still continue our lessons and will have built in some workshops after graduation. Again, we thank Bob Daye and all those callers who have had club lessons. Sometimes we forget that if it were not for the local callers, we would have an activity that would gradually die out. We certainly need to support these folks. We have always enjoyed the instructors of our club – from Eldon who had our first lessons, to Dave Stuthard who kept us going in our rebuilding time, to Bob who has been strengthening us with each passing year. We welcome anyone who would like to join us in refreshing their work on plus moves – as our lessons go through May. But be prepared to have fun and just follow the laughter in Grove City at the Evans Center on Monday nights at 7:30 PM. We are the ones in the auditorium.


Thanks to our March callers and cuers: Dick Mackey and Chuck Berry, Jack Pladdys and Phyllis Burdette. [Can you believe this next part? April? Did we have winter, spring, or “wintspry”? Ask the bulb. But then again, they are as confused as we are!] Now we look forward to our April dances. April 8th, we have caller Ed Pabst and cuer Mark Johnson – and hopefully this will be a celebration that all our taxes are in. On April 22nd, we have caller Tom Strickland and cuer Chuck Berry to help us truly usher in spring. And this is our month for our fifth Saturday dance, so on April 29th we have our 50’s dance featuring two dance halls with callers Jason Raleigh and Pam Courts along with cuer Phyllis Burdette. This has always been a fun change of pace – and feel free to dress the decade. [Be sure to check our schedule as this dance will have pre-rounds at 7:00-7:30, advanced dancing from 7:00-9:00, and our regular plus and rounds from 7:30-10:30.]


Now, mark your calendars for May and June. From this point on, all dances are plus with no more Hi-Lo dances. In May, we will host only one dance due the Memorial Day weekend. This dance will be on the 13th with caller Travis Cook and cuer Phyllis Burdette. Then in June we will again host only one dance due to the national convention. This dance is on the 10th and will be a Relay for Life Charity Dance with callers Pam Courts, Tom Davis, and Jason Raleigh joined by cuer Linda Bishop. We look forward to seeing you at the Evans Center in Grove City for any of these dances. For more information, see our website: www.grovecitywesternsquares.com.


We welcome all banner activities and look forward to seeing all the graduated dancers. In March we attended the LBJ dance on the 17th and have a plan to go to Maple Leave Squares later in the month. Again, we all know how important banner activities are to keep our clubs prospering and interactive.


The Honoree dance on March 12th was a success, and we were proud of our nominees Steve and Mary Furniss who are valuable members being friendly representatives and wonderful workers for our club.


We look forward to seeing you at our dances and wish you a great spring. See you in a square.

Barb Lovingshimer, Club Secretary.